Luigi Is Coming To Mario Kart Tour; Halloween Tour Also Announced


Everyone’s second favorite Mario brother is finally making his way to Mario Kart Tour. Luigi and his death stare are coming to the mobile Mario Kart game.

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game that is a part of the Mario Kart franchise. The franchise is a racing game series that primarily stars the cast of the Mario game. Tour received much criticism since launch, especially for how much it price certain things in the game.

One of the oddest things about Tour is the fact Luigi was not part of the playable racers. Luigi is arguably the second most iconic character in the Mario franchise, and we even point out his absence in this piece right here.

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Luigi has been featured in the advertising, yet he was nowhere to be found. Some fans speculated that Nintendo was withholding him until Halloween as a cross-promotion with the upcoming Luigi Mansion 3 game.

It turns out that theory wasn’t far off. Today on the official Mario Kart Twitter account, it was announced that the game will be having a special Halloween tour that will begin on Oct. 22, and end on Nov. 5. The picture shows the mansion from the original Luigi Mansion game.

Not long after they announced the Halloween tour, the Twitter account also tweeted out that Luigi is finally in the game. The tweet doesn’t directly state that Luigi and the Halloween tour are connected, though it does seem likely that is the case. Fittingly the Tweet used a photo of Luigi with his iconic death stare; the death stare is an intense facial expression of Luigi that became a viral meme.

The Tweet said that Luigi lost his keys, and then got lost, which explains his initial absence. It’s currently unknown if Luigi is available at this moment, or if there will be an update coming very soon that will add him in the game.