Maintenance times and details for Patch 5.41 in Final Fantasy XIV

What time the servers will be down before patch 5.41.

Image via Square Enix

We now know the maintenance times and details for the upcoming patch 5.41 in Final Fantasy XIV. All servers will be down from January 11, 2021 10 PM PT to January 12, 2021 2 AM PT. The ending time for maintenance is subject to change. On the night-of, everyone will receive in-game system messages with periodic warnings. As usual, players won’t be able to use the Home World Transfer Service up to 30 minutes prior to maintenance starting. The service will continue once maintenance is over.

Patch 5.41 will bring in the final ranking period for the Ishgardian Restoration, at least for the foreseeable future. This will be the last time players will be able to go after the Restoration-specific titles, like Saint of the Firmament. But after the ranking period is over, players will be able to continue with the Ishgardian Restoration for leveling up crafters and gatherers, and farming Skybuilders’ scrips. New items will be available for Skybuilders’ scrips as well, like mounts and outfits. Be sure to check out our coverage on what to look forward to from the upcoming patch this Tuesday.