Mario Golf: Super Rush first review praises Speed Golf mode

The first scores are promising for Mario’s latest golfing outing.

Image via Nintendo

The first review for Mario Golf: Super Rush is out. Famitsu published its review over the weekend, assigning four relatively high scores to the title. According to the reviewers, the game’s true highlight was Speed Golf mode, a brand new addition to the Switch entry in the Mario Golf spin-off series.

The score given to the game by Famitsu is 33 out of 40. The individual scores were 8,8,8,9. The review gives high praise to the single-player Adventure Mode, in which players learn the basic controls and mechanics of the title before moving onto anything more complicated.

Speed Golf is said to be the true showstopper in Mario Golf: Super Rush, though. In it, players compete as any character against one another, or bots, to rush through all the holes in a course without taking turns as you would in any form of traditional gold. It’s all about getting through the course as fast as possible.

One reviewer also commented on the game’s control scheme, stating that the ability to judge the power and timing of a shot with a single button makes hitting a shot feel satisfying. It’s also possible to do the same with the Joy-Con via motion controls, which many players will use every time they play.

The only hint of criticism concern’s the in-game timer, though even this could be purely down to the reviewer’s preference for pacing in other golf titles.