Mario Kart Tour’s Final Holiday Event Adding Three Playable Drivers, Including Birdo


Mario Kart: Tour is ready to ring in the New Year with an end of the year Holiday tour.

It’s the last tour for Mario Kart Tour in 2019, kicking off on Dec. 17 at 10pm PST. Mario Kart Tour‘s official Twitter page made the announcement, showing off a promotional image of the event that features three new playable characters, although one is partially hidden in the background.

The first two, more obvious ones, is the New Year Pauline, sporting a stunning dress driving a “2020” New Year kart, and Yoshi dressed up as Reindeer in a Christmas sleigh. But when you look a bit harder on the left side, you’ll see the third new character joining the game.

It’s Birdo, all the way in the back. She’s raising her hands in the air, nearly falling out of her pink kart, attempting to keep up with the other two. All three will available to acquire during the Holiday tour.

The Holiday tour is the second holiday-themed one, with the first releasing in November with a Santa Mario, alongside plenty of Christmas decorations, which was called the Winter Tour. The game continues to release a new series of races, tracks, and challenges every two weeks.

We can expect more surprises from Mario Kart Tour racing into 2020.