Three days in and Mario Kart Tour is still plagued by crashing and 806 Errors— so what can you do?


Three days into the launch of Mario Kart Tour on mobile devices, Nintendo has had an unsurprising hit. The game has been downloaded more times than we can count and has surpassed Pokémon Go’s day one records.

So then, why is the game still broken?

Numerous errors, support codes have plagued the title, and crashes that are making the game unplayable for half of its potential player base, while the other half realize how messed up and microtransaction heavy the game is.

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But for those that want to enjoy the game, what exactly can you do? Well, honestly. Nothing. 806 errors, from what we have discovered, are all to do with Nintendo’s servers. While one phone of the same type and firmware might work, another won’t due to something happening in the servers, denying that phone entry.

It could be anything, from a first failed download stopping the game from ever downloading again, or the name of the account flagging something on Nintendo’s servers.

It’s worth noting that most of the problems also seem to stem from Google and Android accounts, with iPhone users having a more favorable chance of getting online. Not that they too don’t have their own problems.

Still, where we are getting with this is simple. Don’t expect any magic fix for the issues plaguing the game at the moment from some clickbait Youtuber. Have patience. Nintendo WILL fix the errors eventually but for now, you and everyone else having the same or similar issue are just going to have to wait.