Maximilian Dood Plays Capcom’s Project Battle

Earlier today YouTube personality Maximilian Dood, who’s well-known for his fighting game videos, took his first leap into the card-game genre with Capcom’s secret game called Project Battle. We get a nearly 12-minute video of the game, with Dood showing off edited games and get a brief idea of what the game’s going to be like when it launches.

At the beginning of the video, we see a line-up of iconic Capcom characters with their decks. We don’t see too many details, such as the type of decks Dood builds or what ultimate he choose for his chosen fighter, Ryu. But we get an in-depth sight at how the combat is going to work in the game.

We also get a great look of some the beautiful artwork featured in the game. While Project Battle launches as a mobile game, Dood implies the production value and budget for the game is massive. This choice by Capcom makes it far different than some of the other mobile card games that lean towards a lower production value to function across multiple platforms.

What Is This Mystery Capcom Game?! Project Battle Impressions w/Maximilian

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Check out the video above to see the quick pace of the game. Unlike other card games, Project Battle is a real-time game where players have to react to one another on the fly. We have a breakdown of what we know about the game so far in an article over here.

Make sure to come back as we learn more details about Project Battle. Given how much coverage the game has received for the past few weeks, it would make sense for Capcom to announce a beta for the game sometime in the future.