A Minecraft AR Game Will Be Revealed Next Friday

 A Minecraft AR Game Will Be Revealed Next Friday

Microsoft appears to be readying a Minecraft AR game. In a teaser video posted to the official Microsoft Youtube channel, we get our first glimpse of the new AR game, featuring pigs and villagers.

What’s Minecraft up to?

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With a date of May 17 appearing at the end, it would seem that Microsoft is planning to drop details about the game while the world celebrates Minecraft’s 10th birthday. The teaser video takes the form of one lucky person getting a glimpse of the new game as a Microsoft employee ends up leaving their phone on a bench, before returning to claim it again.

With no details being known about the game just yet, it is reasonably to safe to say that the game will involve a lot of walking around, finding creatures and characters from the games, and possibly even doing a bit of capturing of things. I have no idea why I think that way; it just seems to be a pretty successful business model if Pokemon GO is any indication.

Minecraft potentially has a lot going for it when it comes to being an AR game, as you could explore and mine resources, build new items and maybe even take on some of the games scary creatures in combat. It would also be great to see an Enderman floating around my neighborhood, so I can’t lie, I am pretty interested in this.

I don’t always have time to sit at my computer and get lost in Minecraft, but this might give me a fun way to play it while I walk to the shops.