Minecraft Earth Beta Has Begun In London And Seattle


Microsoft’s assault on the titan that is Pokemon GO has begun. The Minecraft Earth beta has started in London and Seattle. People who signed up for the beta and live in both cities have started to gain access to the game as the all-important beta testing stage begins. The good news for the rest of us is beta testers can freely record and upload gameplay.

Minecraft Earth comes from the Minecraft Bedrock engine, so it’s pretty much capable of doing everything that standard Minecraft can do. In the video above, you can see Youtuber SethBling building things with Redstone. Players explore the world collecting resources by finding things called Tappables, and they build pretty much anything you can think of in the game. Builds occur on Buildplates and players get access to bigger Buildplates as you level up. One thing SethBling points out in his video if you are in a car in real life, your Minecraft avatar goes into a minecart.

When players place a Buildplate, and they can then use your blocks and resources to build things on it. While the Beta remains restricted at the moment, you can still sign up to it for when it comes to your city. Just head over to the Microsoft website to sign up for access. You need a phone that is running at least Android 7, or iOS10.

There also isn’t any information on where the beta will be arriving next, or how many people will have access to it. The videos in this article are from Youtubers who go in a day early, a pretty standard move for most games these days. The big difference between Minecraft Earth is the focus on building, which is a distinct focus to take considering the nature of Minecraft itself. The beta looks surprisingly robust as well, which is good to see. Minecraft is a robust cultural point, so it is hard to bet against the success of the game.