Minecraft’s Bees, Bee Accessories Coming to Bedrock and Java Edition Before the Holidays


While they’ve been out in a snapshot for a while, bees are now set to arrive in the Bedrock and Java Editions of Minecraft as a full official release. These cute little critters pack a reasonably hefty punch with their poisonous sting, but unless you abuse them, you should rarely run afoul of their ire.

With the bees come all of the bee accouterments: beehives and bee nests, along with honeycomb and (presumably) the bottles of honey you can obtain from using a glass bottle on well off hives and nests.

While the bees themselves serve little purpose (other than being adorable, and occasionally deadly), the honey their nests and hives produce is a pretty solid food item , restoring six points of Hunger and 2.4 points of Saturation, with the added side effect of curing any poison you may be inflicted with (by the bees themselves or some other venomous creature). Being easily farmable and a source of sugar besides Sugar Cane, it might become a staple traveling food for explorers, which is nice to have, though the inability to stack them could be an issue with storage even with their relatively unique poison curing properties.

This update is set to arrive before the holidays, similar to the Nether Update also set to arrive (early next year as the current estimate), though it’s unclear what the time difference between these will be. I’d be surprised if the bees didn’t arrive before the middle November, if not before that, with Thanksgiving usually being considered the start of “the Holidays” in the United States.