MultiVersus leaker claims Gandalf, Harry Potter characters are being delayed indefinitely or cancelled

Don’t make this old wizard sad.

Image via New Line Cinema

The list of leaked and datamined characters in Warner Bros’ platform fighter is quite large, with the likes of DC comic characters, more Looney Tunes, and a few movie heroes said to be joining the fight at some point. Datamining revealed references to Lord of the Rings‘ Gandalf and Harry Potter‘s titular hero, but now it seems they’re being held back. They might not make it into the game at all, in fact.

This all comes from a single leaker who goes by “hugeleakeractually,” and while their findings have been reputable, do remember that none of this is officially confirmed by Warner. Given the nature of the setbacks, it likely won’t be. Replying in a large Reddit thread, they said to “blame the Tolkein estate” for pulling Gandalf out. Considering the $2 billion auction for Tolkein’s game and movie rights that happened earlier this year, that seems like a very solid reason.

Removing the boy wizard is a different story, though. Hugeleakeractually hinted in another reply that author J.K. Rowling’s transphobic stances are to blame. It would make sense that Warner would want to avoid resurfacing any of those controversies by including her characters. It wouldn’t be the first time a developer has had to address the issue: Hogwarts Legacy specifically says that Rowling is not involved with the game in its FAQ. As it stands, these are two very believable reasons as to why these characters and brands have yet to be announced for MultiVersus.

Of course, some other leaks have been confirmed. Ricky and Morty, from the Adult Swim show of the same name, were said to be coming to the game for some time now. They’ll join the roster during Season 1, bringing with them a stage based on the show’s “Get Schwifty” episode. The first season is expected to start in August, so MultiVersus players will be able to “show us what they got” then.