MW3 Players Dumbfounded by Absurdly Expensive Glow in the Dark Promotional Camo

Call of Duty: MW3 players are shocked, amazed, and slightly confused about why an insane glowing promotional camo that blinds users.


Image via Call of Duty Store

Recent Call of Duty titles have included hundreds of levels to grind for, with some incredible rewards every 100 levels or so. However, Call of Duty: MW3’s Royalty Tiger Camo is, in some ways, better than anything that’s come before and so much worse.

Call of Duty: MW3 has a slew of promotional Weapon Camos, Charms, and other in-game promotional items players can get for free as part of a purchase from various retailers. In the UK, players can benefit from a Charm if they buy a shirt from their local ASDA. In the US, however, players can get the most absurd Weapon Camo that will actively blind them in-game if they spend $60 on a bag.

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Players Can’t Decide if They Love or Hate the $60 MW3 Weapon Camo That Makes Zombies Mode Even More Challenging

The Royalty Tiger Weapon Camo is a promotional item that players can get if they purchase the Call of Duty Task Force 141 Crossbody Sling Bag from the official online store for $60. The Camo looks similar to those unlocked in MW2 by hitting various levels of Prestige across each game mode. While that’s true in MW3’s Multiplayer modes, YouTuber LegoUnlocked today proved that it becomes something else entirely in Zombies Mode.

As LegoUnlocked shows, the Camo looks incredible in Multiplayer mode. Its pink and yellow tiger stripes stand out but aren’t obnoxious enough to be noticed from afar. In certain interiors, the pink portion of the skin glows, but it changes from map to map based on the skybox. In Zombies Mode, though, the Camo becomes the brightest object in the game.

When LegoUnlocked enters the interior of any building, the Camo gets brighter. To us, it looks like it obscures the players’ view. Players commenting on LegoUnlocked’s video feel the same. “That camo is brighter than my future.”

This Camo isn’t worth buying the bag for most because they don’t want it either. “Almost hurts my eyes.” Interestingly, the bag has sold out, but we’re not sure if that’s because fans love the bag or the Camo. “It’s sold out already.”

At the time of writing, the most desirable skin that players can unlock in-game through gameplay is the Golden River Camo. Even though we’re not huge fans of the Royalty Tiger Camo, we still prefer the Golden River Camo despite its four-week grind requirement.