Need for Speed Unbound goes ACAB with police chases and side bets in new gameplay trailer

That’s one way to build a reputation…

Screenshot via Need for Speed YouTube

Need for Speed Unbound peels out later this year, which means we’re in the prime of getting new trailers and learning more about what the amped-up driving game has to offer. The reveal trailer was our first look at the new cel-shaded art style, and the latest one shows off more of what we can expect from moment-to-moment gameplay.

The Risk & Reward trailer touts three different ways that you can rank up in Unbound. “To get to the top, you gotta take risks,” the trailer description reads. The most obvious way is to outrun the cops, as the Need for Speed games have put street racers against police officers since the very beginning. The more you have on your tail, the greater your reward will be when you manage to outrun them — this trailer shows up to seven vehicles in pursuit. In addition to out-driving cops, you can also “take risks” by pulling off big drifts and other stunts or by placing side bets against your opponents when participating in street races. All of these will earn you cash, and you need lots of it to qualify for The Grand, the ultimate race in the city of Lakeshore.

Prior to this, we got a short but sweet trailer focused on car customization. Need for Speed games are known for letting you fine-tune your car, but Unbound features a new level of customization with driving effects. These spray paint-style elements appear when you hit jumps, drift, floor it, and pull off other driving maneuvers. Combine these options with the 140+ cars in the game, and you have an absurd number of choices for making your car and driver feel like your own.

Need for Speed Unbound releases on December 2, and it’s headed to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via the EA App, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. There are two versions up for preorder, and springing for the Palace Edition gets you even more of those aforementioned customization options.