New DMZ missions are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, but not all players will be able to access them

Some will be forced into buying a completely different game in order to experience DMZ in full.

Image via Call of Duty

Inching closer to its second season, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has begun to feed fans with reveals of its upcoming content. Recently, Infinity Ward showcased its upcoming Resurgence map Ashika Island in full, detailing that it will also be available in its DMZ component. However, it appears that DMZ gunners have much more in store for them, as one mysterious location is set to return alongside gameplay adjustments. The rogue-like feature is even getting more missions in Season 2, though some will strangely be barred from playing a select group of them.

In the latest in a series of blog posts this week, Infinity Ward has broken down everything new headed to Warzone 2.0’s objective-based mode, DMZ. The most impactful changes will indeed be the inclusion of its Ashika Island, with the map said to have a new Weapons Case, boss fight, and hidden areas tucked within it. The Japanese location will be joined by Building 21 at the start of Season 2 as well, an optional map that made a short appearance in the game last December.

Of course, with a new map comes more missions as well. Starting on February 15, all currently existing Factions will be reset to have never-before-seen objectives for players to complete. These will also be accompanied by objectives given by a new Crown Faction — but with one major caveat. According to the blog, all Crown Faction missions will be exclusive to those who own Modern Warfare 2. The studio did not provide a reason for why this is, though the decision is bound to raise some eyebrows, especially as it is technically not a part of DMZ.

The DMZ player base should also prepare for a “reset” to some of their progress. Once Season 2 launches, all Contraband weapons and keys will be removed from inventories, making room for those being rewarded from this next batch of missions. Luckily, fans should have an easier time earning these types of items once again. The post notes the next season will deliver kinder AI opponents, spawn points, as well as missions that grant Insured Weapon Slots.

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A handful of gameplay mechanics are also slated to undergo massive changes upon the start of next season, as the developer disclosed that the game will be absorbing many aspects from its predecessor. This includes the reintroduction of a 1v1 Gulag format and the ability to pick up enemy and crate loot off of floors. Though, after this revelation, many in the game’s community have shared mixed reactions about these features returning.