New Genshin Impact trailer shows off Sangonomiya Kokomi

The tide is coming in.

The latest Genshin Impact character demo shows off the upcoming Catalyst and Hydro user, Sangonomiya Kokomi. The character will be available in the game on September 21 and will give players a new healing option for their parties.

In the trailer, Sangonomiya Kokomi talks about the smaller creatures coming together in the face of grave threats, highlighting her role as a protector. Kokomi is the leader of the Sangonomiya resistance, the people in Inazuma who are standing up to the harsh rule of Raiden Shogun. Despite her delicate nature, she is a powerful caster and an astute tactician.

A new 5 Star character, Kokomi will be available to all players after her Banner goes live in the game on September 21. She can be obtained by spending Wishes on the banner, which will also contain Rosaria, Beidou, and Xiangiu.

The new trailer also shows Kokomi’s abilities in action, something that we haven’t seen up till now. Kokomi mixes damage output with her own healing, which then gets boosted by her maximum health, to keep the party in the fight. On a basic level, she reads like a pretty solid replacement for anyone who has invited a lot in Barbara. Having a similar buff to healing, and the same weapon means that her build may well be similar, although we will know more tomorrow.