Outriders has tripled Marvel’s Avengers peak Steam concurrent player count

Who would have known.

Image via People Can Fly

If someone told you a couple of years ago that a game called Outriders from People Can Fly would dwarf the peak concurrent player count on Steam of the upcoming triple-A Avengers titles, would you believe them? Well, that just turned out to be true.

According to SteamDB, Outriders has already tripled Marvel’s Avengers peak player count with 111,953 players on the day of its release — both titles are published by Square Enix. The highest player count Marvel’s Avengers reached was only 31,165 just seven months ago. As of this writing, just over 1,100 players are playing Marvel’s Avengers while almost 92,000 are playing Outriders. While People Can Fly’s latest game has also gotten a boost from being on Xbox Game Pass day one, those numbers are not reflected in the Steam statistics.

While it is a little unfair to compare the numbers right now to a game that just released to one that released last year, the peak player count is very concerning. On top of that, the post-launch plan for Avengers has raised some concerns as well. We are months away since its release and Spider-Man has yet to come to the game. At the time of the announcement, if someone told us that Marvel’s Avengers would be a commercial flop, we would have asked what bizarro universe you were in.