Pokemon Go: October Community Day All About Trapinch

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The next Pokemon Go Community day is set to start on Oct. 12. We’ve known the dates for a month now. The Pokemon centered around these Community Days have remained a mystery. But now, Niantic has announced the October Community Day is going to focus on Trapinch, a Ground-type Pokemon.

Trapinch entered the Pokemon series during the third generation. The Pokemon may look adorable, but its evolutions are no joke. Its second evolution, Vibrava, looks like a dragonfly, with added wings on its tail. The final evolution, Flygon, exceeds the dragonfly look and turns it into a full-blown dragon. Both Vibrava and Flygon are ground and dragon-type Pokemon, making them an exceedingly deadly combination to fight.

Trainers are going to have the same set up for this Community Day as they have had with the others. The Community day is going to happen during a set amount of hours, and Trapinch is going to be incredibly easy to capture. During this time, trainers are going to want to grab as many as they can, grabbing the Pokemon’s candies to level it up, make it stronger, and evolve it.

The Trapinch who evolve during Community Day has the chance to learn a move they previously could not know before. Niantic is likely going to reveal this move the closer we get to the date, including the event’s timeframe.

Trainers should also be on the lookout for the shiny version of Trapinch. These are also going to pop up more, with trainers having a higher chance of adding the uniquely colored Pokemon to their collection.

Pokemon Go’s Community Day for Trapinch is on Oct. 12, which is a Saturday. We’ll update our website as we learn more details about the Pokemon’s special move, and of the Community Day timeframe.