Pokémon GO: EarthDay rewards unlocked, Shiny Diglett and Groudon in raids

After almost 15,000 Pokémon GO players helped with Earth Day, Niantic Games have announced that they will be rewarding players with new bonuses for their hard work.

Between today and May 2, fans will see more Ground-type Pokémon available to catch in the wild, with double the amount of Candy and Stardust that both provide.

Not only this, but players can get their hands on a shiny Diglett in the wild! Shiny Diglett might only be available while the Earth Day celebrations are going on, so if you want to get your hands on one for your collection, be sure to act fast.

Finally, Groudon will also begin to appear in raids across gyms everywhere, so you can your friends can add the Legendary Ground-type Pokémon to your collection, with a little co-operation (and some luck!). If you’re still not sure on how to get the best out of raids in Pokémon GO and increase your chances of snapping up a Groudon, our guide will offer some helpful tips and tricks before it’s too late.

Alongside the Earth Day celebrations, Niantic also announced which Pokémon will be added to the game as part of May and June’s research reward Pokémon. Niantic also confirmed which Pokémon will be available in the various eggs that players can hatch through incubators.