New Teases for Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event Confirms Litwick

Boldore, Gurdurr, Karrablast, Shelmet Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO is going to have another Halloween event later this month, with increase Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon coming to the forefront. The mobile game’s official Twitter account continues to tease the numerous Pokémon they’re going have at the event. The latest tease to come from the account confirms a new one, which many had already speculated.

You can check out the mobile game’s official tweet below, and from the outline, many Pokémon fans can guess who it is.

For those who don’t know, that’s going to be the outline of Litwick, the Ghost, and Fire-type Pokémon. The creature resembles a small candle, softly melting to one side. At the top of its head is a pale, blue light, and it has the potential the evolve into a Lampent, and then potentially into a Chandelure if a trainer wishes to expose the Pokémon to a Dusk Stone.

It’s a Pokémon trainers everywhere can eagerly expect to see during their time running around the colder time of the year, with fall in the air. This Pokémon is surely not going to be the last one we can expect to see in the next few days.

We’re speculating the Halloween event is going to start around Oct. 21, given previous years. However, this date is not for sure. We can only hope we’re going to get the event a little bit sooner to give trainers more time to run around to complete tasks and catch their favorite Pokémon.

Not only is Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon going to be everywhere, but there’s also going to be new customization items for trainers to wear. Such as new shirts, hats, and other options.

We’re going to learn more soon in the future. We’ll update everyone when we learn more.