Pokemon Go Leak Reveals Galarian Forms Likely Coming Soon

Pokemon Go

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Gen 8 Galarian Pokemon in Pokemon Go, a new update file for the game may have some good news for you. Data miners took a look at Pokemon Go’s 0.159.0 APK, which contains the next version of the game, and found evidence of more Team Rocket content. They also discovered the anticipated Galar Region Pokemon.

This leak comes from Pokemon Go Hub, who dug into the APK to find details about the Pokemon Go update and said that this is the most exciting APK in a long time. Their research found new items, moves, and quests along with the news about Galarian Forms.

The first sign that Galarian Forms may be coming to Pokemon Go soon is that the Pokedex has been updated to display these new variations. The new code allows players to view Galar Forms in the Pokedex the same way that it works for Alolan Forms from Gen 7. This setup could mean that Niantic expects players to start catching those Pokemon and thus need to see them in the Pokedex, very soon. The game’s search filters were also updated to allow searching for Galarian Pokemon.

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As for specific Galarian Forms showing up in the game, the APK also gave us a look at which Pokemon may be making their way from the Galar Region first. Specifically, Galarian Forms for Linoone, Weezing, and Zigzagoon showed up in the update files. There’s no word yet on exactly when these Pokemon will start showing up in the game, but they’re clearly on the way soon.

Aside from Galarian Forms, the biggest news out of the APK is Team Rocket content changes. Lots of new Team Rocket characters show up in the APK files, along with a potential new arena for Rocket Battles. Several additions also point to a confrontation with Giovanni. There are files for the Rocket Radar to track him down, and a badge for defeating him is getting added.