Pokémon GO’s October Community Update Promises Design Changes

Pokémon GO

Image via Niantic

There have been quite a lot of changes and updates for Pokémon GO since its launch more than three years ago. In a recent community update, the developers promise to keep making changes to improve players’ experiences with the game.

The community update first mentions some of the smaller changes that have gone into the game. These include things like allowing players in areas with fewer PokéStops to get more items from each PokéStop. They also touched on how Raid Battle levels are different depending on the community they appear in. Niantic explains that implementing such changes and getting feedback about them from the community has helped them in deciding how to move forward with future game design changes. The team also brings up Legendary Raid Hours as an example of a feature that has improved thanks to fan feedback.

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Next, Niantic promised to continue to make updates to the game “in the near future.” What specifically these new game design changes will entail was not detailed. But it mentions that they will mostly be relatively small changes that we can expect to drop in between major updates.

These seem likely to be smaller design choices. Like the example previously shared about players in areas with fewer PokéStops being given more items from each PokéStop. These act as the quality of life improvements while we wait for whatever the next significant addition to the game will be. Niantic makes sure to mention that even small changes take time to implement before thanking the game’s community for the continued support.