Pokémon Go: The Rocket Radar, A Device To Find Team Go Rocket’s Whereabouts, Is Revealed

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Pokémon Go just introduced a new device that could potentially help track down the whereabouts of the leaders of Team Go Rocket.

The other day, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account shared a blog post that is meant to be Professor Willow’s Reports. In the first report, the professor reveals that he has discovered a device that is being dropped by Team Go Rocket Grunts. The devices were initially “Mysterious Components.”

Team Go Rocket is an evil organization based on Team Rocket from the mainline games and anime. They use corrupted Pokémon called Shadow Pokémon to fight for them. Beating a grunt will reward players one of their Shadow Pokémon, which they can then purify.

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Today, a new Willows report revealed that the professor was able to construct a prototype device called the Rocket Radar. He created the prototype by messing around with the “Mysterious Components.” The purpose of the Rocket Radar is to track down Team Go Rocket to locate their hideout and find their boss, Giovanni.

Players as is can easily find Team Go Rocket grunts in the game fairly quickly. You can fight them at grey PokéStops. However, what Willow specifies in his reports is that the Rocket Radar is needed to find Giovanni and the other leaders of the organization.

We don’t know when the Rocket Radar will be available in Pokémon Go, or if it has already. The report states that Willow has just a prototype for the device, and it is currently not functioning. We can expect more Willow Reports in the coming days.