Yes, Those New Shiny Gible in Pokémon GO Were Intentional, Niantic Confirms

Pokemon Go Mewtwo

Pokemon GO trainers can now own little Gibles that are a darker shade of blue.

Shiny Gible have suddenly started appearing in Pokémon Go, without any warning. Developer Niantic will often announce what kind of shiny Pokémon will be coming to Go, but this time the company confirmed after the fact.

Serebii was able to discover that some players were finding shiny Gible during the most recent egg shuffle. Shiny Gible were being encountered in the wild, or being hatched in eggs.

The official Pokémon Go Twitter confirmed that shiny Gible are now in the game soon after.

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There has been some slight controversy with Niantic’s decision to suddenly release shiny Gible. Many players were hoping that Gible will become the focus of a future Community Day event. With shiny Gible now out in the wild already, many see this as lessening the chances of Gible getting a Community Day event all for itself.

Gible is dragon/ground Pokémon that looks like a stubby land shark. It was first introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and it can evolve into Gabite. Gabite in turn can evolve into Garchomp, the Pseudo-Legendary of the fourth generations of Pokémon games. Pseudo-Legendaries are Pokémon with the base stats of 600 and are considered to be the most powerful non-Legendary Pokémon in the games. Garchomp is also the signature Pokémon of Trainer Cynthia, who’s the champion of Diamond and Pearl.