Shiny Seel now available to catch in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO players can now get their hands on a Shiny Seel. Announced with very little fanfare, the seal Water and Ice-type Pokémon can be obtained via the field research tasks, completed by completing certain activities while exploring with the game.

It appears that the Pokémon can appear by completing the “Catch Five Water-type Pokémon” task, provided as a reward for completing this.

Shiny Seel will have a slightly light tan to its skin when compared to a regular Seel, with its evolution Dewgong showing a similar change once you have provided it with enough candies.

The appearance of the shiny Seel follows the news of Pokémon GO Fest in Dortmund that takes place in July, and the changes in Pokémon that appear from eggs, as well as the legendary birds, becoming available from completing a week’s worth of daily research tasks, that went live yesterday.

While it’s likely to have been included as part of this month’s new available shiny Pokémon Diglett, it has not yet been announced how long it will be available for, so any trainers looking to get this first generation water beast will want to act quickly to avoid missing out!