Pokemon Masters Gets Three New Main Story Chapters, Calem and Espurr, and Torchic


Pokemon Masters’ weekly update has added new story chapters, Calem, and Espurr as a Sync Pair, and Torchic as a new Pokemon for the player character. The three new story chapters mean that all story chapters have come to the game.

Pokemon Masters has also added a new login bonus of 50 gems a day for 14 days. Pokemon Masters focuses on the island of Pasio, where the Pokemon Masters League happens each year. Trainers from all over the world arrive there with their signature Pokemon. Each of them is hoping to climb to the top of the Masters League. The game centers around three vs. three battles, where you use teams built up of Sync Pairs, the Trainer, and their signature Pokemon.

Sync Pairs have access to special moves called Sync Moves, which can unleash powerful attacks on enemies. During the story, you explore the island and meet other trainers, recruiting them to your Pokemon Masters League team. The game is very story-heavy, so fans will be happy to see the final story chapters.

Other changes are coming to the game next month. The level cap is getting increased to 120, alongside a new difficulty level coming to the mobile game. There will also be a new Sync Pair joining the game, and this one will involve a Legendary Pokemon. We will keep you update on any further changes when they arrive in the game.