Explore Pokémon Sword and Shield’s World Through an Online App


Pokémon Sword and Shield fans cannot get enough of learning about the game. Luckily, Game Freak is eager to share little tidbits about the game at small, steady increments until the game releases later this year on Nov. 16. While we may have plenty of time until it comes out, there’s still plenty to learn and explore it.

Another way trainers are going to get their first glimpse in the game is an upcoming Web Application Game Freak is going to release showing off the game’s Wild Area. The Wild Area is where trainers are going to explore the world with the chance to encounter random Pokémon and other battle-hungry trainers.

However, you can’t get into the Web Application at this time. Game Freak is going to release the experience for players to explore on their PC, Mac, and other smart devices sometime in early November. It’s going to serve as an excellent marketing point for the games right before they release. Players can get excited about exploring these lush areas, encountering wild Pokémon on a day-to-day basis, and scout out areas they’re going to go camping with their companions.

The application is going to have a 360-degree camera, giving those who jump into the experience the chance to look around as if they were legitimately there in the digital environment.

Earlier today, we also got a new glimpse at a new series of Gigantamax Pokémon through a brand new trailer. You can check out the trailer over here to see who made the cut. We’re also likely going to get more updates as the launch date for Pokémon Sword, and Shield gets closer.

You can pre-order both, or one of the games, right now before they launch on Nov. 16 for the Nintendo Switch.