Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle come to Facebook Gaming


The Pokémon Company has announced that they are releasing two new Pokémon mini-games on the Facebook Gaming platform.

Facebook isn’t often the first platform you think of when you think of video games. The social media website does have a plethora of exclusive games. Usually, these games are apps and are not too different from the average mobile game.

The first mini-game available worldwide on Facebook is the Pokémon Tower Battle. Developed by Bombay Play, Tower Battle has players stack as many Pokémon as they can.

Players will have to compete in special battles to get the tallest tower. The press release, as shared by Polygon, states that while it may seem like a “simple physics-based puzzler,” the players’ strategy will determine if they are “true Tower Battle masters.” Gamers will also be able to unlock more Pokémon the more towers they build in the game.

The second mini-game is Pokémon Medallion Battle. Serebii reports that the game is currently only available in Asia Pacific countries, excluding Oceania and Vietnam. Medallion Battle is developed by GCTurbo, and is being described as a “digital card battle strategy game.”

The game essentially functions similar to that of typical Pokémon gameplay, except all the Pokémon are on medallions that players can collect. You can evolve your medallion Pokémon, and can even win gym badges. New Pokémon will be introduced every month, and players will be capable of filling out a Pokédex.

It is currently unknown if Pokémon Medallion Battle will release outside of Asia anytime soon if it all. For now, gamers can play Pokémon Tower Battle on whatever device they use Facebook.