PowerWash Simulator x FF7 crossover release date celebrated with recreation of famous cover art

It’s finally time to clean the streets of Midgar.

Cleaning the Guard Scorpion boss in PowerWash Simulator

Image Via Square Enix

It’s almost time to clean the filthy streets of Midgar, as the PowerWash Simulator crossover with Final Fantasy VII is launching on March 2. This expansion is called the Midgar Special Pack, and it will be free for everyone who owns PowerWash Simulator, including those who have it through Game Pass.

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The PowerWash Simulator x Final Fantasy VII crossover will feature five stages set in Midgar, though it’s the version of the city that it appears in the remake rather than the one from the original game. To celebrate the announcement of the crossover’s release date, the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter page has released an image inspired by the iconic cover art of Final Fantasy VII, where Cloud stares up at the imposing Shinra Headquarters. The main difference is that Cloud has been replaced with one of the powerwashers tasked with scrubbing the dirt off the building.

According to the official Square Enix website, the Midgar Special Pack stages will include cleaning Cloud’s Hardy Daytona motorcycle, the Scorpion Sentinel boss, the Seventh Heaven bar, the Mako Energy Exhibit in the Shinra Headquarters, and the Airbuster boss. While the player is busy cleaning, they’ll receive text messages from Final Fantasy VII characters, which means the developers can include references to the original game and its many spin-off titles, like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus.

PowerWash Simulator has already crossed over with Tomb Raider, as Square Enix publishes it, so there are more opportunities for inter-company crossovers in the future. For our money though, any future crossover will struggle, as there are few cities more important to the history of video games than the city of Midgar. That said, plenty of great Square Enix locations could appear in future events, such as Yggdrasil’s Altar from Dragon Quest XI or Arcadia Bay from Life is Strange, and they can be just as fun to explore, especially if they are also free.