Fortnite released a secret message in a downtime announcement, and someone solved it using ChatGPT

What awaits Fortnite players in the next series of Oathbound quests?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite developers Epic Games enjoy handing players in-game mysteries and puzzles to solve while playing the massive battle royale game and exploring the island. The latest secret message was sent out from the official Fortnite page to lead players on a merry chase before the servers were turned back on tomorrow. However, less than 30 minutes after the tweet, someone shared the potential answer to the message, and they were able to solve it using ChatGPT.

The secret message was shared on the official Fortnite Status page, which featured an array of what appeared to be random numbers. Multiple users were already sharing that they figured out what the string of numbers meant, sharing that it called for players to “crack the code.” One user shared that they solved it by submitting the numbers to the AI search engine ChatGPT and came back with the same answer.

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ChatGPT shared that given the numbers used in the message, they likely represented the letters of the alphabet. The results speak for themselves when assigning each number to its corresponding letter. The ChatGPT AI went further, sharing that the teaser likely hints that the user will need to solve a riddle or a puzzle in the future, which many Fortnite players are theorizing right now, and how it’s going to lead into the next chapter.

The accuracy of the service is a little terrifying, especially given the accuracy alongside what other Fortnite users have shared on Twitter.

Fortnite fans speculate that the Oathbound quests that release tomorrow could potentially stop at a cliffhanger in the story, or there will be a final puzzle for players to figure out leading to the next chapter. The next update for Fortnite hits tomorrow morning, and players who jump on immediately can check out the quests to find out the riddle they need to solve. This could be another larger event that goes into the chapter finale and is a community-driven effort.