Shiny Shadow Pokémon Reported in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO has been slowly rolling out its Team Go Rocket saga as of late. This latest development hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, but it does have interesting prospects.

The fan-made Pokémon GO network The Silph Road has recently reported on appearances of Shiny Shadow Pokémon. Reportedly, players may be able to get Shiny Shadow Pokémon to appear by defeating Team Go Rocket bosses. These boss battles can apparently be unlocked by collecting six of the Mysterious Component items that Niantic recently introduced. The Silph Road reports that these Mysterious Components have begun dropping in London, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Austin from Team Go Rocket Grunt battles.

It appears that Meowth can appear as a Shiny Shadow Pokémon, but it is unknown which other Shadow Pokémon can also appear Shiny in this manner. Furthermore, the existence of Shiny Shadow Pokémon has yet to be officially confirmed by Niantic or The Pokémon Company, so it may be best to take this information with a bit of a grain of salt.

Shadow Pokémon were relatively recently introduced into the game as part of an ongoing storyline revolving around Team Go Rocket. Niantic has been providing information about the three Team Go Rocket bosses, Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo. Each of these bosses rivals one of the three Team Leaders, Blanche of Team Mystic, Spark of Team Instinct, and Candela of Team Valor, respectively. The latest official development from the Team Go Rocket saga is a Tweet from the official Pokémon GO Twitter account that confirms that Mysterious Components have in fact been dropping in some areas, calling it a “contained phenomenon,” but the statement doesn’t get more specific than that.