Slay The Spire Mobile Port Delayed to 2020, But, Devs Say, “We Are Close”


The developer behind Slay the Spire, Mega Crit Games, has shared a new update for the game, as well as news that the mobile port, initially set to release in the later part of 2019, has been delayed. However, it’s still coming soon, with a status update coming early 2020, according to Mega Crit.

“We had hoped to get mobile out by the end of the year but development with a custom engine can be a tricky thing,” the post reads. “We are close, and will have another status update for you in early 2020.”

The developers said they have a playable mobile version of the game, citing excellent progress. But the team plans to spend a bit more time in ironing out of the bugs they’ve encountered, working closely with their QA department to ensure none of these early bugs come out in the finished version.

Because the team already went through the process of bringing Slay the Spire to console games during early 2019, they say they don’t anticipate too many additional problems past the QA process.

Beyond the mobile update, the team has shared they’re nearly finished with the game’s fourth character, The Watcher. Mega Crit says it has almost wrapped up fine-tuning the character, but they did not give a release date.

However, they did share a list of the new patch notes, which you can find below.

Patch Notes

UI and Effects

  • Updating asset for Duality relic to match flavor better.
  • Updating Violet Lotus relic asset to be polished.
  • Adding a VFX for attacking the Heart when playing the Watcher.
  • Adding a VFX for Carnage card.
  • Adding a VFX for Omega power when it deals damage.
  • Adding SFX for Spit Web attack by Louse enemy.
  • Adding VFX for Devotion card.
  • Adding VFX for Flying Sleeves card.
  • Adding VFX for Through Violence card.
  • Cloak Clasp relic asset updated.
  • Creating a VFX for the Watcher’s heart victory screen.
  • Duality relic asset adjustments.
  • Gremlin Horn relic now has polished art asset.
  • Mushroom relic asset enlarged + polished.
  • Oddly Smooth Stone relic gets updated to be smoother + high-res version when clicked.
  • Updating assets for Golden Eye relic.
  • Thanks to BDWSSBB for the following:
  • Barrage card resolves 0.25s faster.
  • Bite card VFX resolves 0.2s faster in fast mode.
  • Charon’s Ashes resolves 0.15s faster per hit in fast mode.
  • Claw card resolves 0.25s faster.
  • Feel No Pain power resolves 0.15s faster per exhaust in fast mode.
  • Fiend Fire card resolves 0.25s faster and 0.15s faster per card exhausted in fast mode.
  • Fission card resolves 0.25s faster.
  • Healing resolves 0.25s faster in fast mode. Blood Vial resolves 0.5s faster.
  • Looter death speech bubble before combat end resolves 1.5s faster in fast mode.
  • Recursion card resolves 0.15s faster in fast mode.
  • Sneaky Strike card resolves 0.25s faster.
  • Talk to the Hand power resolves 0.15s faster per hit in fast mode.


  • Powers that gain Block at end of turn activate before cards like Burn play themselves.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Flurry of Blows card typo.
  • Fixed Unknown keyword being misspelled in French.
  • Removing 3 unused sound assets.
  • Thanks to BDWSSBB for the following:
  • Adding hand update after card and potion use to fix general card information and glow issues.
  • Fixed Confusion card not affecting cards reduced by Setup or Forethought.
  • Fixed Judgement card not bypassing Intangible and Invincible powers.
  • Fixed Necronomicon not activating on cost-X cards when played from effects (e.g. Mayhem).
  • Fixed Tantrum card not exhausting when played by Omniscience.


  • Updates for DEU, DUT, FRA, ITA, SPA, ZHS, ZHT


  • Putting back old constructor of GainBlockAction.
  • Ascension level increments even if you lose on Act 4+ instead of specifically Act 4 as mods may allow higher Acts.