Square Enix admits its own Final Fantasy VII NFT figure may be useless in the future

Just buy the physical version.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix already made clear that it plans to invest in blockchain technology and NFTs earlier this year. Despite how increasingly unpopular NFTs have become in the ensuing months, Square has stuck to its plans and recently unveiled its first NFT for the Final Fantasy franchise. Of course, it’s related to Final Fantasy VII.

Specifically, it’s a digital figure of protagonist Cloud Strife. Thankfully, there is an actual real statue you can purchase from the Square Enix store for $160, but the company is clearly eager for customers to obtain the digital version as well.

We’re not even going to get into the irony of making a Final Fantasy VII NFT or how needlessly complicated getting the digital figure is compared to just paying actual money for the physical one, but buried in the item’s description on the website is a rather damning admission by Square Enix. Namely, that you run the risk of losing the figure in the future.

To get the digital figure, you need an account with the Enjin NFT platform. Since the figure is tied to the platform, the figure will be lost to the ether if the platform ever goes away. Considering there’s no such risk with buying the physical figure, it’s hard to see why any fan would choose to acquire the digital one instead.

Square Enix no doubt has plans for future Final Fantasy NFTs. One saving grace, however, is that they won’t be incorporated into the Final Fantasy XIV MMO, according to that game’s director Naoki Yoshida. Since he’s also serving as producer on Final Fantasy XVI, it’s likely safe to assume that game won’t feature them either.

Although Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has expressed interest and optimism with NFTs and their potential future within gaming, it seems like more and more companies are eager to distance themselves from them. Only yesterday, Minecraft developer Mojang said NFTs are banned from its game, and even Blizzard Entertainment seems disinterested in them.