Stellaris Mobile Game Stole Halo 4 Artwork


Paradox has just launched a mobile game based on Stellaris, called Stellaris: Galaxy Command, which you could’ve played for a few hours on iOS and Android in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden. We’re using the past for a particular reason.

The game has indeed been brought offline because players noticed that it was coming with artworks stolen from another title, Halo 4. The artwork in question (and there could be many others) was created by 343 Industries technical art director Kenny Kagnusson.

As you can see below, the artwork included in the game is the same as Halo 4’s, despite for an overlay with the character of Stellaris: Galaxy Command talking to you to give some proper input to start a mission. Hilariously, that overlay is covering UNSC logos, but it can’t cover vehicles that are kind of iconic in the universe of Halo.

“We have learned that artwork inside Stellaris: Galaxy Command was taken from another source,” publisher Paradox wrote in a tweet. “We are immediately removing this content from the game and we are deeply sorry to our fans and to the affected creators.”

The game has been brought offline, as said, and we don’t know when it’s coming back. Sure enough, it will have to go through a very serious check in order to establish what has gone wrong and what it still has wrong before pre-releasing it again.

This game has some good artwor… wait. from r/Stellaris