Strategy game Humankind delayed to this summer

The developer behind the Endless series will now release its follow-up title in August.

Image via Sega

Although originally meant for release next month, Amplitude Studios’ latest historical strategy title, Humankind, has now been pushed back to August 17. In a new blog post, the French team says that the delay is needed to “further polish the game for a great day one experience.”

“While Humankind is already a great game, many of you think it could be even better,” the studio wrote. “We realized that we could make even further improvements to make Humankind the best game it can be.” Although these apparent flaws haven’t been seen by much of the public, this feedback comes from Amplitude’s previously held betas for the game within the last six months.

The developer has even shared in the post a bevy of player concerns and issues they’ll now be looking to resolve. Among them, Amplitude says it will rework “pacing, balancing, diplomacy, accessibly, and AI” mechanics while also lending an in-depth list of specific features that will likely be modified.

It did not provide information on whether the game would eventually hold one last beta before its official launch, but the studio has given fans an idea of how popular its last early access period was. According to the developer, Humankind’s most recent Lucy OpenDev beta saw more than 26,000 games played, with over 2.7 million turns orchestrated.

Certainly, the hype around Humankind will likely cause these numbers to be surpassed in no time when it releases this summer to PC, Mac, and Google Stadia.