Stray mods let players put their own pet cats into the game

Kitty cat content.

Image via Annapurna Interactive

Cyberpunk cat adventure Stray has been getting a lot of attention since it was first announced, climbing to the top of the Steam wishlist ahead of launch. It’s more than just cat owners playing the game, but now that group has a special set of mods that should make them extra happy.

If you browse NexusMods, you’ll find a variety of mods for Stray, turning the game’s heroic feline into a bunch of other breeds. Modder Narwhix created a hairless Sphynx, Grusborg swapped in a gray and white tabby, and whenbearsreign made a Flame Point Siamese model resembling a cat they saw on Twitter. Modder Hacktix has two different Stray mods up for grabs: their own cat Jessy and another named Lilly, made by request. Even if you don’t have modding skills yourself, you’re likely to find a mod that will make Stray’s protagonist look more like your own feline friend.

Real-life cats have been caught up in the fun of Stray, and not just in the mod community. Cats are watching their owners play Stray, and videos and photos of these incidents have been quite delightful. Imagine a cat seeing itself on screen with one of those mods.

Cat owner or not, you can get your hands on Stray now. You can find it on Steam as mentioned, but it’s also available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. In fact, it’s available being offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the Extra and Premium tiers — you can play Stray for free in accordance with that. A physical edition of the game is coming in September, but there’s no word on an Xbox port at this time.

If you’re already playing Stray, then you might have a few questions about the game. Lucky for you, we can fill you in on the game’s ending and where to find Clementine.