Where is Clementine in Stray? Clementine location guide

Clementine isn’t the easiest robot to locate.

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In Stray, you must search for the members of the Outsiders. This is the original group of robots who tried to escape the walls of Dead City and make it outside. You first meet Momo in the Slums and it doesn’t take you long after that to track down Doc. Next comes Zbaltazar. You locate him in Antvillage after narrowly escaping the Zurks in the sewers. One member remains, but where is Clementine?

Finding Clementine the first time

After you reach Antvillage and talk to Zbaltazar, you will get a photo with a hint about Clementine’s location. Shortly after speaking to Zbaltazar, you will head out of Antvillage and make your way to Midtown. This is where you will find Clementine.

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Take a look at the back of the photo to see a series of symbols with three green dots above five red dots. It’s a rather odd symbol until you realize that it is for the apartment complex. Go through Midtown and make your way to the apartment complex just past the hair stylist’s shop. Walk to the top floor and find the apartment with symbols matching the ones on the back of the photo. Head inside by jumping through the hold in the window to meet Clementine for the first time.

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Finding Clementine the second time

After getting through the Neco Corporation, you will sneak past the Sentinels and get back into Clementine’s apartment only to realize that she isn’t there. You will need to hunt her down again after getting the clues to her whereabouts.

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The clues are scattered about Clementine’s apartment. Use the note that you pick up to see what objects the clues are hidden under. The items can be found in the following areas:

  • Vaporizer – On the table in front of the window
  • Traffic Cone – On the mannequin in the bathroom
  • Lava Lamp – On the shelf in the kitchen
  • Crystal – On top of the shelves in the living space where the blankets are

After discovering all of the clues, you will discover that Clementine went to the nightclub to meet with Blazer. Head to the nightclub and complete the puzzle inside to find Clementine on the upper floor of the club.