The Competitor’s Time Brella is Back in Fortnite Following Ranked Cups Cancellation

After the Competitor’s Time Brella was snatched away from Fortnite players, Epic Games has brought it back for a limited run.

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Players were robbed of the chance to get a rare item in Fortnite earlier this month, but now the Competitor’s Time Brella is back for a limited time for everyone to pick up as a reward for doing very little in one of the game’s most challenging game modes.

Epic Games has brought back the Competitor’s Time Brella in Fortnite after the chance to earn it was taken away earlier this month when all Ranked Cups were canceled due to an issue on the developer’s side. However, now players don’t need to do nearly as much as they did to pick it up. They only need to complete one challenge, and the Competitor’s Time Brella is theirs.

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The Clock Is Ticking to Snatch The Fortnite Competitor’s Time Brella

The Competitor’s Time Brella is one of the most sought-after items from the Fortnite OG Season. While it’s only an Uncommon Glider and isn’t necessarily an outstanding one among the massive in-game roster, it is the most exclusive Glider offered during a massive resurgence in the game’s player base. All those extra players have drawn much more attention to the rewards on offer.

Initially, players had to earn 75 points by competing in the Silver Ranked Cups in Fortnite. However, soon after the events began, they were canceled. This meant only a handful of players worldwide got their hands on the Competitor’s Time Brella. The Glider can be earned by completing a single Ranked Quest in one of Fortnite’s Ranked Modes.

While Ranked Modes might bring together the best Fortnite players and make matches feel impossible, they do to us; at least, Ranked Quests are quite easy. This shift in requirement to unlock the Glider is much more achievable, so we believe most Fortnite players will be able to get it as long as they complete a Ranked Quest before the end of the day on December 2, 2023, when Fortnite OG Season ends.

The fans who haven’t bombarded the Fortnite Status Account with random fix requests seem pleased that they have another shot at getting this elusive Glider. “Legends!!”

We’re ecstatic that we can own the Competitor’s Time Brella through such a simple task. We believe it’s going to go on to be one of the rarest Gliders in the game because of the server issues and low-key announcement of how to get it in the aftermath. Every live service game has one incredibly rare item that’s scarcity is usually down to a glitch or server problem, and this one could be Fortnite’s.