The new Ear Wiggle emote in Final Fantasy XIV is ruining Viera players’ day

Oh the humanity!

Image via Square Enix

Viera players waking up today hoping to unlock the new Ear Wiggle emote are in for the shock of their lives. Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.35 is officially live, and fans cannot wait to earn all the new goodies and experience the fresh content. The adorable Loporrits have made their debut as the newest tribal reputation, and rising through their ranks will eventually award you with an emote that places Loporrit ears on your character’s head as they wiggle them. Viera players, however, are witnessing the nightmare known as quadruple bunny ears.

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The Viera are a race of humanoids with rabbit features in FFXIV, and their signature look is large pointy ears. The Loporrits, on the other hand, are much smaller bipedal bunnies added in Endwalker. Players love the new Ear Wiggle emote earned through engaging with them, but Viera players were anticipating using their own bunny ears for the animation when it was revealed a few weeks ago. This isn’t too much of a stretch, seeing as how they are, you know, rabbits themselves. The disdain on their faces is plainly evident on Reddit.

Granted, their hopes and desires may have been a little in the clouds, as this new emote is designed for every race. The time and effort required to give Viera players a unique animation when using it would have been pretty lengthy. Instead, we are treated with this abomination.

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Square Enix has been known to follow up with fan demand and give more customization to these races over time. Perhaps they will revisit the Ear Wiggle emote for Vieras at a later date, but for now, we must revel in the horror that is four-eared bunny boys and girls.