How to get the Findingway minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Your very own Loporrit minion.

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The Loporrits have been a fan-favorite addition to Final Fantasy XIV in Endwalker, and they now have their very own tribal quests in Patch 6.35. Finally, you can help them out in Mare Lamentorum while they figure out just what to do with the moon now that it is no longer needed for interstellar evacuation. As you increase your reputation with the Loporrits, you will be able to earn a collection of different rewards, the cutest definitely being the Findingway minion. Let’s break down how you can get the Findingway minion for yourself in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find the Findingway minion in FFXIV

To obtain the Findingway minion in Final Fantasy XIV, you will have to raise your rank with the Loporrit tribe in Mare Lamentorum. This is done by completing their story quests and dailies to rise in ranks over the course of a few weeks. There are several breakpoints to hit on the way, but you need to reach Respected rank in order to unlock the Findingway minion on the vendor.

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Once you reach this rank, which is the fifth rank after unlocking the Loporrit tribe, you can purchase the Findingway minion for 8 Loporrit carats from the Loporrit vendor. The Loporrit vendor is located at (X:17.4, Y:15.8) in Beastaway Burrows in the Mare Lamentorum zone.

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Obviously, you won’t be able to unlock or progress ranks with the Loporrits unless you have a Discipline of the Hand at level 80 or above and complete the prerequisites. You must first finish the Endwalker campaign up to the Endwalker quest, and also complete the Dream a Little Dream side quest. After this, speak to Dreamingway at (X:11.7, Y:10.9) in Old Sharlayan. They will offer you the quest Must Be Dreaming(way), which unlocks the Loporrit tribe. Their dailies involve crafting, but luckily all necessary materials with be provided for the quests.