World of Warcraft meets Fortnite in hilarious fan-created game challenge

Booty Bay Battle Royale in seven days.

Image via Blizzard

World of Warcraft and Fortnite each have a thriving and passionate fanbase, but what would happen if these two behemoths collided? One YouTuber took it upon himself to find out. Noting that World of Warcraft developers have been neglecting new PvP modes since Battle for Azeroth, the player decided to challenge himself to create a new battle royale game featuring Azeroth as the map and its races as the combatants. The results of this Booty Bay Battle Royale are absolutely hilarious.

YouTuber anboniwow put up a video detailing the monumental task of putting together a multiplayer game in just seven short days. Utilizing a multiplayer pack to start the process, anbowiwow uploaded a ton of World of Warcraft assets to begin the journey. Day One sees him create his own Undead character in the game and get it to animate flawlessly.

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What follows is an amusing recap of everything this fan went through to get the game into a functioning state. There are several moments that will make you laugh out loud, including when he tries to animate a female Dwarf as a playable character, only to have it look and move like his previously designed Undead toon.

The entire zone of Stranglethorn Vale is recreated to stunning effect. Anboniwow also utilizes a terrain texture pack that gives off a Fortnite vibe, though getting it all to look good takes effort. Next, he implements battle royale weapons, melee, sidesplitting ragdoll physics, and even a goal to win, which involves being the first to get an Alliance flag to the Booty Bay boat as it comes and goes frequently.

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Not everything functions perfectly in the game, however. The YouTuber makes it very clear that he could not fix the frame rate issue, and the project does cause GPUs to work overtime. Anboniwow shows off footage of his time playing with friends for the first time, and also includes a link to download the game. He stresses that it should be played at your own risk, however, as the game is still extremely poorly optimized.