Xbox Live Coming To iOS and Android Thanks To Microsoft Game Stack

Microsoft Game Stack has been just announced ahead of the incoming GDC 2019.

The suite features Xbox Live, Mixer, Mixed Reality implementation, Havok, Visual Studio, and the Microsoft Store, all coming on iOS and Android devices.

Also a part of Microsoft Game Stack is Azure PlayFab, a tool that allows for real-time language translation for in-game chat, a marketplace where creators can share and make money out of the stuff they build in a game, online multiplayer, and more.

Of course, as anticipated, the biggest news here is that Xbox Live is coming to iOS and Android devices’ games.

Developers will be able to choose individual features among those supported by the network, like achievements, gamerscore, clubs, friends list, family settings and more.

As part of the same network, if you play a game that support such features, you’ll unlock achievements and gamerscore on your Xbox Live account even if that title isn’t supported on console nor PC.

That’s just the beginning for Microsoft, as the platform owner aims to bring Game Stack on other devices, even including other consoles like the rumored Nintendo Switch.