The best glass texture packs for Minecraft

How to replace the nostalgic, but ugly glass textures in vanilla craft.

Screengrab via Minecraft

Glass is one of the few items in Minecraft that has consistently had poor textures since the very beginning. While the default textures are nostalgic, they aren’t exactly good for interior decorating. Thankfully, texture packs can make a huge difference. Here are five simple texture packs that make glass look a lot better while making few to no changes to the rest of the game.


Screengrab via Minecraft

Glass+ very simply takes away the streaks from glass blocks and removes the outlines of most glass panes to make all of the blocks mesh a little better. At the same time, it accentuates the frames of glass so you can still see it clearly. The pack works very well at removing some of the more irritating features of vanilla glass, but it doesn’t make the textures so transparent that you forget where you placed your blocks.

Better Clear Glass

Screengrab via Minecraft

Better Clear Glass turns glass blocks and panes completely clear. You can see the outline on whatever block they are connected to, but that’s it. This pack makes the textures very unobtrusive. It is very easy to re-enact an old Windex commercial and accidentally walk into the glass without realizing it is there.

Clear Glass

Screengrab via Minecraft

Clear Glass is a really simple pack that only makes one tiny change: it removes the streaks found in glass and ice textures. This is a nice pack to use with other texture packs if you want the default glass without the streaks or frames. Just make sure you move it to the top of the enabled texture packs list on the right side of the resource pack screen.


Screengrab via Minecraft

Faithful has been around for a while and is one of the more popular packs used by regular players and content creators. It is regularly used by YouTubers and streamers like Mumbo Jumbo and FWhip due to its smooth textures and blending. Glass in the Faithful pack keeps the nostalgic feel of classic Minecraft but blends together much more smoothly. The same is done for a lot of textures used in the game, making it more aesthetically pleasing while keeping the same overall feel.

Seamless Glass

Screengrab via Minecraft

Seamless Glass has a lot of the same features as Faithful without affecting other blocks. It focuses only on removing the frames from all glass blocks and panes. The pack makes glass blend together more smoothly while keeping the standard Minecraft textures. This is a great pack to have if the glass is the only thing you want to change. One of the reasons we love this pack is that it comes from Vanilla Tweaks. The Vanilla Tweaks website allows you to cherry-pick through all of their available texture changes and essentially create your own enhanced vanilla Minecraft resource pack.

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