The best ships in World of Warships

The best all-around ships available to anyone.

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Caeefully choosing your ship and ship class can make or break you in World of Warships. Every player will have a preference for what class of ship they like to play, and what class of ship they do well with. With each class comes a variety of ships to choose from that can seriously alter your team’s entire strategy. The Midway, for instance, handles head on bombing runs better than it’s Japanese counter parts, but has smaller squadron sizes. Here is our list of the best ships available for each class. None of these ships are premium so they can be earned by any player over time. While each of these ships would be a great addition to your arsenal, gameplay in World of Warships relies heavily on personal preference. Use this lost as a guideline to find which ships and loadouts best suit your personal playstyle.

Cruiser: Helena


It was hard to choose the light cruiser Helena over the heavy cruisers available, but her high speed, concealment, and unique gun setup set her apart from other ships of the class. Helena is an American light cruiser that has a unique 15 gun setup similar to that found on Japanese cruisers. Typical of US ships, players need to focus on keeping Helena out of the direct line of fire to be able to use her effectively. Luckily her high speed and concealment make keeping her out of harms way relatively easy. Helena works best when firing from behind cover, the ship’s high firing arcs make it easy to hit passing enemies while staying concealed. Her 15 gun loadout can do a massive amount of damage if opposing ships mistakenly take the full brunt of her broadside salvo. If a good captain takes note of the ship’s weaknesses and makes an effort to protect them, the Helena can become a serious pain for opposing players.

Destroyer: Kitakaze

Typically there are two ways to play destroyers, hit-n-run, and setting traps. Kitikaze handles both of these strategies very well. The Kitikaze is a direct upgrade from the Akizuki so if you are comfortable with the Akizuki you will definitely love the Kitakaze. As is typical of Japanese destroyers, the Kitikaze has excellent speed and concealment and better penetration thanks to the 100mm armament. Kitikaze features a total of eight 100mm armaments and a sextuple torpedo launcher that can do a lot of damage in hit-n-run attacks. When combined with her torpedo reload booster you can put up to 12 torpedoes in the water at a time. The Kitiakaze has a very fast reload speed already that can be improved with the Basic Firing Training skill and the Main Battery Modification 3 module. Kitikaze is possibly the perfect hit-and-run and trap laying craft in the game. Her good concealment and speed make it easy for her to sneak up on most other ships and she can deal a huge amount of damage thanks to her faster reload and stronger armaments.

Battleship: Gneisenau

This is a fast German battleship that can really ruin someone’s day if you capitalize on its advantages. The Gneisenau features a 380mm main gun, two triple-tube torpedo launchers, a minimum of 13 and a maximum of 360mm armor, 3 main turrets, between four and 11 secondary turrets, and between six and 14 AA mounts. The two biggest advantages this ship has is its maneuverability and its adaptability. The Gneisenau has a max speed of up to 32 knots with a fairly quick turn rate which makes her comparable to higher tier ships available in the game. She can easily run down most ships you come across and can take a lot more damage than you would expect thanks to the turtleback armor scheme. Gneisenau also has a decent AA suite so if she is fully kitted out for anti-air gameplay she will make short work of any enemy aircraft. Players with Gneisenau should spring for the Hull (B) upgrade as quickly as possible as it will add a ton of HP and more secondary guns. This ship can handle just about any strategy and in some cases can actually function like a cruiser with the right build. While she can handle anything you throw at her, Gneisenau performs best when used for AA duties or as an aggressive brawler.

Aircraft Carriers: Midway


The Midway is the best of the entire US aircraft carrier line and is well suited for adapting to any strategy as necessary. The Midway has fewer planes and smaller squadrons than some of its counterparts, but each plane has much higher health. Midway’s squadrons can take a lot more damage from AA fire than other planes allowing you to play much more aggressively with them. The best planes on the Midway are her dive bombers. The dive bombers can do huge amounts of damage to any class of ship while also causing fires. Players using Midway can, and should, make use of Tiny Tims that have greater penetration and fire chance than the alternative HVARs. Aside from the better planes, Midway also handles better in open combat. She has thick deck armor and higher hitpoints than most other ships of the class. She also sports a powerful AA loadout that is very good at turning enemy aircraft into confetti. She also has a fast top speed of 33 knots. The armor and speed of this ship make it surprisingly flexible. Midway can actually wade into the thick of combat, though it isn’t recommended, and quickly adapt to the flow of battle no matter what strategy is being employed. The biggest downside to this ship is that it is locked behind Tier X so it might take a while for you to get to it.