Destiny 2 Guitar Error – What Does It Mean?

It’s not a happy tune.

Destiny 2

The guitar error has returned, much to the horror of people like me who just got booted out of the game. Guitar is back to cause us all more nightmares. The reason for this seems to be the ammount of drops on the ground during the new Contact event. While you fight enemies, they drop motes of darkness which you then need to pick up.
If people are too busy killing, and not pick up the motes, it results in the Guitar error and you are likely going to get booted to Orbit.
Below, you can find the official information from Bungie support about this issue.

Destiny 2 Guitar Error

The GUITAR error occurs when too many items don’t get picked up during an activity, such as Gambit. The best way to ensure this error doesn’t happen is to make sure things get picked up off of the ground in those activities.
Items that can fall to the ground include:
  • Orbs of Light
  • Glimmer
  • Engrams (Rare, Legendary, Powerful, etc.)
  • Ammo (Kinetic, Special, Power)
  • Destination Materials
For players who continuously receive this error, clearing the console cache or clearing the download cache in the Steam launcher may resolve this issue.
This first cropped up during Shadowkeep, so it is odd to see it return with such a vengeance today. The best thing to do is just make sure you are picking up as many Dark Motes, and motes of Light as you can while you are playing through events that generate of lot of them.