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Rocket League Goes Gambling In Australia, Psyonix Denies Involvement

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Rocket League Betting Controversy

Rocket League developer Psyonix has deinied their involvement in the betting and gaming controversy surrounding the game.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con's Connectivity Problem: Nintendo Issues Statement, Fix Discovered

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issue Fix

Here is how Nintendo fixed the popular Joy-Con's connectivity issue. Nintendo also shared a press-statement detailing what exactly went wrong with the Joy-Con.

Red Dead Redemption Coming To PC, Kind Of

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Red Dead Redemption Is Coming To PC As GTA V Mod

A well-known modder has announced their plan to include Red Dead Redemption in to the world of GTV as mod.

Pokemon GO Update Now Available, Random Evolution Item Coming With First PokeStop of the Day

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Pokemon Go

Niantic today released a new patch for Pokemon Go. The update adds lot of interesting thing, and one of the being the random evolution item coming with the first PokeStop of the day.

Xbox Game Pass Won't Ever Be As Successful As Netflix: Pachter

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Xbox Game Pass vs Netflix

Michael Pachter shared his views on the Xbox Game Pass vs Netflix comparison. He termed Xbox Game Pass as a good initiative but it won't be as successful as Netflix.

Fallout 4 VR Will Be At E3 2017, It's Going To Be "Incredible"

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Fallout 4 VR Confirmed For E3 2017

Bethesda has officially confirmed that VR version of Fallout 4 will be showcased at E3 2017, and it will be incredible.

Nintendo Switch Sales To "Possibly Eclipse" Wii

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Nintendo Switch vs Wii Sale

Retailer GameStop is of the opinion that Nintendo Switch can Eclipse the sales of Wii. Third party developer will have to play a big role if Nintendo Switch have to surpass the sales figure of Wii.

Mass Effect Andromeda Facial Animations: BioWare "Looking At Patching Lots Of Issues"

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Mass Effect Andromeda Facial Animation Controversy

A Bioware developer breaks his silence of the Facial Animation issue faced by lot of Mass Effect Andromeda players. The developer clarified that Facial Animation is not the only issue Bioware is looking to fix.

Bioware Shares Patch Notes Of Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.04 And Early Access Patch

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Mass Effect Andromeda Patch Notes

Take a look at the patch notes of Mass Effect Andromed Patch 1.04 and the early access patch. The update adds a number of general performance improvements and bug fixes.

Final Fantasy XV 80% Off In Europe PSN, Might Be A Pricing Error, Grab It Now

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Final Fantasy XV European Sale

Hurry up PlayStation 4 owners, Final Fantasy XV is available for a 80% discount i.e. for just £10 at European PS Store. This low price might be a pricing error.