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Destiny 2 Project Lead Says 30 FPS Limitation Is CPU-Bound, Not Xbox One X Development Issue

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 Destiny 2 Low FPS

Destiny 2 will offer 30fps uniform across all platform, the frame rate is CPU bound, has no other issues for not delivering 60fps.

Development Of Beyond Good and Evil 2 Is Not Yet Started

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Beyond Good Evil 2

Michael Ancel of Ubisoft says, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in Day zero of development, but will finish the game.

Spencer: We Have Signed Big Exclusives For Xbox One X and XB1, Committed To Big AAA Exclusive Games

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Xbox One X - Spencer Has Signed Big Exclusive Deals

Spencer finally admits that big exclusive for Xbox One X and Xbox One have been signed and development has already started, but not shown at E3 2017 as they will take 2 to 3 years time to complete. Spencer repeated his commitment for big AAA console exclusive.

Destiny 2 On Xbox One X Will Not Have Any Exclusive Graphical Enhancements, Same Experience As PS4 Pro

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 Destiny 2 Xbox One X FPS

Destiny 2 offers 30fps output on PS4 Pro and the same will be on Xbox One X, there won’t be any extra advancement says Bungie.

You Can Create Your Own Character In Beyond Good And Evil 2

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Beyond Good And Evil 2

Beyond Good And Evil 2 will allow you to create your own character, and other staff will realize it.

Not Many Developers Will Be Able To Utilize Full Power Xbox One X, Suggest Sony's Jim Ryan

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 Xbox One X VS PS4

Jim Ryan suggests that not all developers will be able to utilize the extra power of Xbox One X.

Sony's Jim Ryan Says Not Worried About Xbox One X, What If Developers Go For Lowest Common Denominator

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 PS4 Pro Xbox One 4k

Jim Ryan Playstation Sales and Marketing Head shared his view on the new Xbox One X and PS4 Pro competition.

2 Reasons Why Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Games Library Won't Be Large, Working Explained

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Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Library

Phil Spencer confirms Original Xbox Game Library won't be as large as Xbox 360 games due to two reasons: Rights And Technical Difficulty. Also, the working of Original Xbox backward compatibility is going to be similar to Xbox 360.

Take-Two Takes Down Popular OpenIV GTA 5 Modding Tool

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 Tale Two Modding Tool

Take-Two  has dropped an official Cease-and-Desist letter to OpenIV, the most popular GTA 5 Modding Tool.

Xbox Head Not Amused With Sony's Defense On Blocking Cross-Play

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 Xbox One X PS4 Cross play

In a video interview Phil Spencer scoff off  Sony’s defense against not offering cross-play support for popular games like Minecraft and Rocket League.