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WWE 2K18 Interview - Missing Features On Nintendo Switch, Roster Size And More

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WWE 2K18 Interview

2K Sports representative talks to Game on WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch version - will there be any differences in terms of content as compared to other versions, Roster Size, and many other things.

How To Farm VC Fast In NBA 2K18

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NBA VC Farming Guide

There are multiple ways to Farm VC in NBA 2K18, but which is the fastest method? Here's NBA 2K18 VC Farming guide detailing fastest way to earn VC in the game.

How To Perform New Celebrations, Quick Substitution In FIFA 18

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How to perform 10 New celebrations in FIFA 18, make a quick substitution, perform realistic tackles, and more.

Auction House Unlock Guide - NBA 2K18

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NBA 2K18 Auction House

NBA 2K18 My Team is having Auction House to be Unlocked by, completing the Silver Goals. In this guide, you will get to know how to Unlock Auction House.

All Badges Unlock Guide - NBA 2K18

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NBA Badges

List of All NBA 2K18 Badges and how to unlock them. Badges in NBA 2K18 are divided into two categories - Skill Badges and Personality, how to unlock them and uses.

PS Plus September 2017 Free Games: Difference Between EU vs US

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September 2017: PlayStation Plus Free Games For PS4

PlayStation Plus Free Games for September 2017 has been leaked on Facebook as PlayStation Promoted post. It states that PS Plus subscribers will download Infamous Second Son and Child of Light throughout September.

Hideo Kojima Breaks His Silence, says "Because Of Konami, I'm The Person I Am Today"

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Hideo Kojima vs Konami Controversy

Hideo Kojima for the very first time commented on Konami (after the split). In an interview to Japanese website, Kojima stated that it is becaue of Konami that he has reached such great heights.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts Gets Sony On Board For His Version Of Metal Gear Solid Movie - "It's Special"

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Metal Gear Solid Movie Gets Permission From Sony

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Director of Kong: Skull Island manage to get Sony onboard for Metal Gear Solid movie (his version). Jordan termed the project as a special and moving in right direction.

All Endings Walkthrough - Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma

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Batman Lady of Dubin

Batman Telltale Episode 1, Chapter 8 The Lady of Dublin, this is the last chapter and here you will be having a multiple ending on the basis of different choices.

Chapter 7: Meeting Mori or Interrogating Eli Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma

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Batman Mori or Eli

Batman Telltale Episode 1, in Chapter 7 - Meeting Mori or Interrogating Eli Walkthrough, you will be choosing a very crucial option which will make a heavy impact on the story at the end.