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No Nintendo Switch Console Version Of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 will not be coming on Nintendo Switch, unless fans really demands for the game then future Konami might think on it.

Green Flag To Final Fantasy XIV For Switch And Xbox One If Cross-play Is Possible, Says Director

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 Final Fantasy XIV

Naoki Yoshida Final Fantasy XIV Director says Final Fantasy XV will come on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One if cross-play is possible.

PlayStation Plus July 2017 Free Games Might Not Include That's You, Seems Like An Added Bonus

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That's You - PlayStation Plus July 2017

That's You seems to be an additional bonus, might not be included in PlayStation Plus July 2017 free games line-up.

Rocket League Dev: Cross-Platform On PS4 Would Be Up And Running In Less Than An Hour, Political Barrier

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Rocket League

Psyonix revealed that Rocket League cross-platform on PS4 is not rocket science, if Sony permits it will go live today itself, there is no technical limitations. Psyonix then termed it a "political barrier".

Sony's Baffling Reason On Blocking Cross-Platform Play On Rocket League And Minecraft

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Rocket League - PlayStation Consoles Missing Cross-Platform Play

Sony commented on blocking cross-platform play feature on Rocket League and Minecraft. PlayStation Marketing Boss gave the most baffling reason behind crossplay block on PlayStation consoles for both these games.

Microsoft Kills Minecraft PlayStation Cross Platform Play? Dev's Responded With Hope

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Minecraft Cross-Play Feature Missing PlayStation Versions

Minecraft cross-platform play feature won't be available on PlayStation consoles. A deliberate move by Microsoft as they now own Minecraft IP? The developer behind Minecraft stated that all hope is still not lost.

PS1/PS2 Backward Compatibility On PS4: PS1 And PS2 Games Looks Ancient, Why Would Anybody Play This?

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No Backward Compatibility Support On PS4

Sony is not bringing PS1 and PS2 backward compatibility to PlayStation 4 for two reasons: It is most requested feature, but not used much. Secondly, PS1 and PS2 games looks ancient, and there is no reason to play them now.

FIFA 18 Trailer Out, No Frostbite And The Journey For Nintendo Switch

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FIFA18 Switch

FIFA 18 Trailer confirms the game is for Nintendo Switch, but a separate title compared to PC, Xbox One and PS4.

PS3 Model CECH-4300C discontinued officially in Japan

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PS3 Model CECH-4300C

Sony ends PS3 sales in Japan after completing 10 year product lifecycle.

Square Enix shifts Final Fantasy VII Remake development in-house for quality

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Final Fantasy 2 Remake

Square Enix shifts Final Fantasy VII Remake development in-house for quality and timely release, will be head by Naoki Hamaguchi.