10 best fishing games

Get gone fishin’ without going anywhere.

Fishing in real life isn’t for everyone. For one, maybe you don’t live by a river or some other body of water. Maybe you feel bad seeing a hook gets caught in a little fish’s mouth. The fish was just trying to get something to eat! But then again, people need to eat, too.

For others, fishing is a relaxing hobby, a way to connect with nature, an excuse to get out of the house. For some, it’s their career. This list isn’t about fishing, though. This list is about fishing video games. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up the 10 best games you can get to live out your fishing fantasy in (spoiler warning: there are no JRPG fishing mini-games on this list). 

Fishing Simulator World: Pro Tour

fishing sim world

Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is a proper, hardcore fishing simulator. In addition to a buffet of gilled creatures to bother, there is an extensive career mode, and multiplayer options to boot. If you’re looking for the best fishing game out there—and are an aficionado yourself—this is the game for you.

Fishing Planet

fishing planet

Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Another simulator, Fishing Planet has a lot in common with Fishing Sim World—but it’s free! There are microtransactions you can “invest” in, but the game is just fine without them and feels pretty authentic with tons of pretty waterways and even more fish. The developers even claim that it can help your fishing game in real life. While we can’t guarantee that (can they?), we can say it’s pretty fun.

Ice Lakes

ice lakes (1)

Available On: PC

It might not be the most realistic depiction of fishing, but Ice Lakes is one of the coolest. Get it?

Anyway, this is a surprisingly great game, even for those new to the fishing world’s depths. There are single-player and multiplayer modes, and you’ve got tons of flexibility to customize your avatar and explore this delightfully frigid open-world at your own pace.

Catch & Release

catch and release (1)

Available On: PC

Perhaps you’re less interested in the overly gamified experience. Maybe you are an actual fisherman, and it just happens to be a rainy day, or rough waters, or whatever it is that might stop you from going out and doing some real fishing. If so (and if you’ve got a VR headset), you’ve got to check out Catch & Release. It’s one of the best VR games across the board and well worth having in any collection.

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

deep hunter 2 deep dive (1)

Available On: PC

If you’re bored of sitting by a lake or rowing across a pond, then maybe a spot of spear-fishing is just what you need. It’s not the newest or most traditional fishing sim, but Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive is pretty awesome. You can swim around, explore some sweet underwater scenery, and shoot anything that passes by with a spear-gun. 

Fishing: Barents Sea

fishing barents sea

Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One

If you’ve ever watched Deadliest Catch and wanted to try your hand at it without actually, you know, risking death, then get your ticket for Fishing: Barents Sea. In this sterling single-player experience, you start out small with a tiny boat but can work your way through the ranks until you own a trawler. Just remember that in this world, fish means money, so you better be on your game. It’s a beautiful game and maybe just a tad more exciting than some of the others on this list.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

utlimate fishing simulator (1)

Available On: PC

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is pretty aptly named. It’s beautiful and mixes the calmness of everyday fishing with actual action. We’re exceptionally excited for the sequel to come out on next-generation consoles.

Professional Fishing

professional fishing (1)

Available On: PC

Alright, it doesn’t look so different than many of the other hardcore fishing sims on this list, but it’s just as good as them. Isn’t fishing about collecting anyway? If you want all the best, most beautiful fishing simulators available, you’re going to add Professional Fishing to your library. 

Cat Goes Fishing

cat goes fishing (1)

Available On: PC

If you need a break from in-depth, realistically portrayed fishing simulation, maybe check out Cats Gone Fishing. Cats love fish, too, you know. For a goofy little game, it has a good amount of depth, with progression systems that can get your cat from simply fly fishing to searching the sea with sophisticated technology.

Monsters of the Deep

monsters of the deep

Available On: PS4

Okay, we lied: there is one JRPG fishing mini-game here, but it is the most elaborate one possible. Monsters Of The Deep is a VR add on for Final Fantasy XV. In the game, you’ll join the four protagonists as they take part in a fishing tournament to catch the titular Monster Of The Deep. But you can also catch Cactuar. Need we say more?

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