The best pink gaming chairs

Who said gaming chairs should only be black or grey?

dowinx gaming chair pink

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Gaming chairs evolved from basic office chairs to their own style – their design reflects the aesthetic of the owner. As more people come into the gaming world, different designs become popular. Pink gaming chairs are on the rise, and while they’re marketed towards women and girls, anyone can buy and use a pink chair. 

Pink is a vague description for a chair’s color. Each company has its own version of pink. Some range from a more magenta tone to something closer to a pastel pink. Most fall somewhere on what we would call true pink, that is, a color that comes to mind when imaging bubblegum. 

Most major companies don’t offer pink gaming chairs. Those that do, like Secret Lab, have only one model and usually as a reference to a character in the gaming world. Secret Lab’s gaming chair references D.Va from Overwatch, for example. 

Secret Lab D.Va Omega or Titan

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Speaking of Secret Lab’s D.Va chair, this is probably the best pink option. However, the pink is more of an afterthought. Because it references D.Va from Overwatch specifically, it isn’t pink for the color of it. If you’re a fan of D.Va and the color, this is the ideal chair for you. If you’re not a fan of D.Va or Overwatch, but really like the color pink, this is less exciting. 

If you’re on the fence because you like the color, consider that Secret Lab is one of the best brands for gaming chairs. Secret Lab offers the D.Va chair in both the Omega and the Titan sizes. It can have polyurethane leather, fabric, or NAPA leather. Arm rests and seats are adjustable and it comes with a soft memory foam pillow for support. The chairs recline fully for any position and comfort. They are strong and sturdy chairs that will last a long time with proper care. 

AutoFull pink gaming chair

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The AutoFull pink gaming chair wants to reference D.Va without stepping on branding. It’s a standard gaming chair with the racer shape and colors. It’s made of PU leather, a steel frame, and reclines to 155 degrees. To maximize cuteness, it has a pair of bunny ears, a tail, and optional fluffy arm rests. It comes in a pink and white combo and would look nice paired with other white peripherals.

Homall gaming chair

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The Homall gaming chair looks similar to the AutoFull chair above, but without the excessive bunny theme. It is also significantly less expensive. It has a lumbar support pillow, a head support pillow, and it reclines to 150 degrees. It is made of the standard PU leather and a steel alloy frame. Pink and white are a common combination in the gaming world and the Homall gaming chair makes use of the colors for this chair. 

BestOffice gaming chair

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This mostly pink and white chair adds some black to the mix for some interesting contrast. The BestOffice chair is another relatively cheap chair. With over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s one of the more popular and reviewed options. The racing chair has a lumbar support pillow and a headrest pillow. It reclines to 125 degrees, which isn’t much, but for a budget chair, it’s an acceptable limitation.

Edwell gaming chair

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The Edwell gaming chair gets rid of the standard white and pink and instead uses a harsh black with a light pink. There’s more black than pink on this chair. The pink is an accent rather than the main feature. The chair is the standard racer build, with two pillows: one headrest and one lumbar support. It has a 30 degree rocking function and can recline up to 170 degrees. The Edwell gaming chair also has a retractable leg rest that can be folded under the seat to save space when not in use. 

Gtracing gaming chair

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The Gtracing gaming chair attempts to stand out in the sea of gaming chairs by adding some extra speakers directly into the chair itself. It comes in a soft cherry blossom pink, made of PU leather and nylon. The speakers have up to six hours of playback on one charge. They connect via Bluetooth and are easy to control. 

The speakers may seem useless for those that prefer headsets. Who needs speakers in a chair if you have a good headset? Still, the chair has over a thousand positive reviews, particularly for the speakers, so many do find them useful.

The chair is made of nylon and PU leather. It can recline to 170 degrees, lying almost flat. It has a good price for the features and, if the speakers appeal to you, is worth the cost.

Dowinx gaming chair

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The Dowinx recliner takes all the best parts of the previous gaming chairs and adds a massager on top of it all. It has the standard racer style seat that we usually see for gaming chairs. It is made from the usual PU leather and reclines to 180 degrees, and it is strong enough to support up to 350 pounds. It also features a head pillow for support and a lower lumbar pillow. 

It all sounds standard, but the lumbar pillow is where this chair shines. The lumbar support pillow doubles as a massager. The chair has a USB cable power supply that can connect to the PC, power switch, etc. It powers the massager in the lumbar support pillow that can help alleviate any back pain caused by those long gaming sessions.

Goplus massage gaming chair

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The Goplus racer gaming chair has everything a gamer needs from a chair: LED lights with 16 different colors, massaging lumbar support, and adjustable back and footrest. And all of it is in a sleek black and pink package. The LED lights run around the edge of the chair and have four different flashing modes for its 16 different colors. Plus, it comes with a remote controller to switch between them. 

The lumbar massager is located in the waist cushion. Two motors are powered by a USB cable that can be connected to the PC or some other power source. The chair comes with a pocket to place the power bank when not in use.

The chair is made of breathable PU leather for maximum comfort. While PU leather isn’t bad, it’s not our favorite and this is the only major downside of the chair. But with that massager, we’re willing to let it have this flaw. 

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