The best Fortnite streamers to watch in 2020

Which Fortnite streamers should you be watching in 2020?

 The best Fortnite streamers to watch in 2020

While Fortnite has dipped down in popularity since the dawn of 2020, the game is still going strong. Epic Games hasn’t done a whole lot to help, though, as Season 1 continues to drag on. What’s keeping Fortnite alive, for the most part, is the community of streamers who hop on and broadcast to audiences of thousands every day. Whether it’s on Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube, you can always find someone streaming Fortnite. However, there are certainly better streams to watch than others, and that’s what we’ll be going over today.

1. Tfue (Twitch)

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Screengrab via Twitch.

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is arguably the most popular Fortnite streamer today and has been for quite some time. Always pulling in over 20,000 viewers on Twitch, Tfue blends a high-level of gameplay with his sense of dry, witty comedy. 

Currently, the Florida native plays more solo matches than anything else. However, at any given time during his stream, he has the chance to do something spectacular. From a crazy snipe to an insane game-ending kill, you won’t get bored watching Tfue

2. TimTheTatman (Twitch)

If you want constant entertainment on Twitch or any streaming platform, then this stream is where you want to be. Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar is one of the funniest personalities on Twitch, and Fortnite is his game of choice. Tim has even gained popularity beyond the gaming sphere, appearing in a Super Bowl 54 commercial. 

Image via TimTheTatman on Twitter.

Though he doesn’t stream Fortnite exclusively, you can more often than not find Tim playing the battle royale with his group of friends. The gameplay may not be what you can find on a Tfue-like stream, but Tim makes up for it in sheer entertainment. 

3. Nickmercs (Twitch)

This next streamer is like a combination of our previous two streamers. Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff is a renowned Fortnite competitive player that put console members on the map. Only playing with a PlayStation 4 controller, Nickmercs consistently dominates PC players online and in tournaments.

Aside from being an outstanding player, Nick’s Twitch stream is a haven for laughter and entertainment. If what you’re looking for is a funny, Fortnite-only streamer, then you shouldn’t look further than Nickmercs’ stream.

Image via Nickmercs on YouTube.

4. Ninja (Mixer)

Was there ever any doubt Tyler “Ninja” Blevins wouldn’t appear on this list? The quote-on-quote “Godfather” of Fortnite streamers, Ninja, almost singlehandedly made Fortnite streaming what it is today. He even earned his skin in-game as a part of the Icon Series. 

Since his move to Mixer, Ninja hasn’t seen the numbers he used to on Twitch, but this hasn’t diminished the quality of his streams. Still a terrific player and fun personality, Ninja is always a reliable option if you’re looking for Fortnite gameplay. 

Image via Epic Games.

5. NickEh30 (Twitch)

Easily the most family-friendly streamer on this list, Nick “NickEh30” Amyoony comes in at number five. Putting aside his recent cheating scandal at the Twitch Rivals event, NickEh30 has a great community surrounding him on Twitch. Known for his PG-style of streaming, Nick also brings some strong gameplay to the table as well. Although he’s more known for his YouTube channel, Nick is starting to gain more and more popularity over at Twitch. 

Image via NickEh30 on Twitter.

6. ChicaLive (Twitch)

Our first female streamer on this list, Maria “Chica” Lopez, is a content creator for Team SoloMid. Specializing in Fortnite, Chica is one of the most consistent streamers to appear on this list. Going live just about every day, Chica is a terrific option if you prefer a more laid-back stream. Also, Chica throws “Subscriber Games” on Fortnite, where her Twitch subscribers have the chance to play with or against her live on stream

Screengrab via ChicaLive on Twitch.

7. Bugha (Twitch)

The reigning Fortnite World Cup champion had to make an appearance on this list, for obvious reasons. Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf is another top Fortnite competitor and streamer who broadcasts a majority of the week on Twitch

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Image via Fortnite Wiki.

Known for his jaw-dropping gameplay, Bugha has recently stepped up his entertainment value. He consistently interacts with his chat and has some fun in Fortnite, along with going for victory royales. 

8. Nate Hill (Twitch)

The second FaZe Clan member on this top ten, Nate Hill, comes in at number eight. A competitor in Fortnite, along with being a streamer for FaZe, Nate brings positive energy to every Twitch stream. He likes to play with other FaZe Clan members, like Nickmercs but also takes part in solo matches as well. Like most other streamers on this list, Nate Hill brings a blend of competitiveness and entertainment to his stream. 

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Image via Nate Hill on YouTube.

9. SypherPK (Twitch)

The inventor of the trap kill, Ali “SypherPK” Hassan, is next up on the list. SypherPK has recently gotten into more variety streaming, but still broadcasts Fortnite more than any other title on his Twitch channel

When Fortnite was at its peak in 2018-2019, Sypher was considered a competitive player. However, as the game began to die down, he moved into a more entertainment-focused stream. Even still, he’s a great player who is enjoyable to watch for hours on end. 

Image via SypherPK on Twitch.

10. 72hrs (Twitch)

To round out this top ten list, we have a streamer who’s been at it since the beginning. Tom “72hrs” Mulligan is one of the hilarious Fortnite streamers you can watch on Twitch. A competitive player for Team Liquid, 72hrs is known for both his gameplay and quick wit whenever he plays with other streamers. 

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Image via Team Liquid.

Recently he’s begun to dabble in some other titles, as have other streamers with Fortnite Season 1 dragging on, but he still plays Fortnite daily. You can catch him playing with his Team Liquid teammates in competitive games or wasting time in public matches.